Our Story - Big Boolies

Creator of Big Boolies Gemma, studied Art & design at college in Scarborough after leaving school. During her last year at college she met Nick Mills – a self-confessed petrol head. In 1999 the couple married and a couple of children later Gemma was then looking to return to work part time.

With two small children both under the age of 5, she found a job working part time in the T-Shirt dept of a then Malton based sign company. Gemma had always had that urge to do something for herself and Nick though and had now got the print and sign bug and could see the potential in a T-shirt business. She had always loved the car scene and meeting Nick just increased this love further. ‘Cars…..T-Shirts’ ….it seemed to Gemma and Nick to be the light bulb moment and this is where it all began.

Gemma quotes: “March 2008 in PC World is actually where it all began, purchasing a £25 build-your-own website at home package, domain name included so the plans started. Using funds I had been given from my mum to buy a cheap plotter from the internet, I luckily already had the computer at home and the experience of the design programs from college, the job,  and also the self-taught stuff I had learned with computers. Job done, all we needed now was a name. As silly and as cliché as it sounds it came to Nick and I as we laid in bed one morning. “Big Boolies!” Nick and I always call alloy wheels or big tyres on 4×4’s “Big Boolies.” So there we had it,  we had a name – a crazy name – but one that he and I knew would stick in people’s minds and also be a bit of a laugh, and a bit tongue-in-cheek”

The Boolies Moto Art sector came soon after, when Gem utilised the same equipment they already owned, and the design knowledge she had gained to start and offer Vehicle Graphics and stickers.

In May 2010 Gemma left the part time job and started Big Boolies full time. Nick became an official partner in the business supporting it in the early days with his agricultural engineering job. After a big break in the form of a vehicle livery contract in June 2012 and the opportunity of working with a large local agricultural firm, Gemma needed to move from the small office and go into an industrial unit found on Showfield Lane in Malton where they are still based.  In November 2012 Big Boolies became a limited company with both Nick and Gem as directors. The work was flooding in since the move, so Nick eventually gave up the engineering job in May 2014 and became the second full time employee of the company. Ltd now trademarked and employing a further 7 staff means they now have created jobs for others in the local area, and in turn got more man power behind them with a proper #teamboolies.

The latest addition in the Boolies company brands, was started in February 2017, bringing into the business another passion that Nick and Gemma have shared over the years. Nick now missing the ‘spannering’ and probably known as the local Land Rover and off road geek anyway, they brought in the off road preparation sector Booler4x4, Offering clients the opportunity to have a custom made Land Rover or 4×4 build catered to their budget and spec.

So there it is….. The story so far behind Big Boolies, and the story still continues… where will they be in another few years? Who knows!,  but they love their jobs and that is completely obvious,  as soon as you meet them both and their team of staff.