Myself and my business/life partner made another decision this year, one that I think a lot of small and larger businesses need to start doing more of…….we took on another apprentice.

These training schemes are not pushed enough these days in schools across the
country and I feel it such a real shame.

Small and large companies, sole traders and tradesman have so much to gain and benefit from having these young people in their businesses. Learning on the job and getting experience in the work environment, it has a place, and there are some valuable lessons to be learned. People skills especially, are unfortunatley lacking and becoming a real problem today.
Technology is constantly moving forward and the desperate need to push all of us to be more efficient and less manual, the hierarchy that we all should have a degree or extensive higher education, but I wonder, is technology going to become a bit of an enemy in the future?

There are so many kids in schools needing something else…..they may not be academic, but be amazing with their hands or in other ways…this way apprenticeships give opportunity to our youth, another direction or option for a career path,  some may not be able to do what seems to be expected of them… they get forced these days into using a pc, tablet, phone or other techno device and a degree is classed and preached to them from a young age as the best thing to have. I believe this is not the case for everyone.

I wanted to shout about this scheme as it’s not shouted about enough.…for us having one young lady already blossom in our business through this scheme one who didn’t like school that much was quiet, did what she was asked, to the best of her ability…we are so grateful as business owners that an apprenticeship scheme has allowed her to be able to come into our business, learn with us and allow me especially to teach someone else how to progress and grow with our business to a point now where she is a confident young lady with a really strong position in our company and with a bright future ahead of her.

So good the experience has been we decided it was the only option for us as our business expands to bring in another young member on the scheme to our team, to teach them the old school method of engineering in our newest sector of our business to allow another person’s future to have possibilities.

If you feel this is something that may be of value to another business owner, friend or child about to leave school and may benefit from please share it…. tell them about apprenticeships contact your local colleges and training organisations…….6th form is not the only further education option after school leavers age, look up the apprenticeship options, we could do with so many more of these on the job educated younger generation with manual qualifications being in work as well as those college and university educated by the book. Its about time our generation go back a few years and get this new one away from the gadgets and phones their heads are in all the time,  I think if not there will be a real lack of tradesman in the future…. WHEN not IF this happens it will be a major problem and will take years to rectify.
Apprentice number 2 came into our company 1st sept 2018 and it’s one of the best feelings ever to be able to invest in someone else’s future.

Gemma & Nick Mills
Directors of Big ltd