Myself and my business/life partner made another decision this year, one that I think a lot of small and larger businesses need to start doing more of…….we took on another apprentice. These training schemes are not pushed enough these days in schools across the country and I feel it such a real shame. Small and large companies, sole traders and tradesman have so much to gain and benefit from having these young people in their
So nick this last two months has pushed our 4×4 section to the max, new unit and workshop and another few restorations to his portfolio means that it’s now a serious part of the Bigboolies group. Take a look at some of the work he’s done recently and if you know of anyone that would benefit from his services please give us a call!!!
So not the usual regular vans for business we get through the doors at our boolies moto art section, this time a lovely example of a Mk 2 escort rally prepared vehicle. This customer wanted his car fitted with 3m clear protection, and a few extra graphics on for good measure. Graphics replicated in the legendary Ari vatanens RS1800 colour scheme. Looks fantastic now it’s finished and protected. We will also soon have Manuel Reuters
Since we moved into the unit in showfield lane in 2012 with our two brother Pr650 machines, things have changed massively for us in this area, bigger orders now flowing in, meant we needed faster turnaround and over the last 6 years has seen the addition of another 6 industrial machines enabling us to speed our turnaround up and also allow us to push our embroidery sector further. Custom items being our speciality. Small business
We posted on one of our last posts in 2013 images of the Land Rover bobtail a personal project that nick decided to undertake. A grubby Moss ridden dirty rat infested bag of s**t excuse my language but dear god when I saw that roll up at home I thought steptoe and sons had landed in the yard!!!! 🙈 But….in true and inevitable nick mills style the years that followed and the man hours it