Rather than Mrs b try to go through five years of news and updates in several blogs, as to what happened and when, some of it is here in our old posts but a lot of has been posted to our Facebook page www.facebook.com /bigboolies here or there you can scroll through to your hearts content and get the feed and info of how things developed for us as a company from day 1 in March 2008 to the present day. The move to the unit, the bringing in of man power in the form of nick my husband and soon to be renamed mr boolies!, the jobs we’ve done,  the customer responses and reviews we’ve had, the boolies vans, (and there has been many,lol) the charity events we have done, the expansion of departments to our business, the strong team we have now behind us in Rachel and Caitlin, and the plans that we have made for the future.its all there in an online picture diary for all to see. It still amazes me to this very day how something that was just a light bulb moment ‘I’m going to start a tshirt printing business’ has now become so much more…..a thriving well known, Yorkshire based business called bigboolies.com ltd