We posted on one of our last posts in 2013 images of the Land Rover bobtail a personal project that nick decided to undertake. A grubby Moss ridden dirty rat infested bag of s**t excuse my language but dear god when I saw that roll up at home I thought steptoe and sons had landed in the yard!!!! 🙈

But….in true and inevitable nick mills style the years that followed and the man hours it demanded a true beauty has risen from the hedge back. Now fully restored and modified our Land Rover bobtail is a fraction of its former self  having extensive work completed all by his fair hands. I’m sure you will agree serious talent he has and huge vision to restore and enhance something to this level….but this my friends is only the beginning!,  what happened next was the birth of another area to our business which makes use of these talents he has, 1. to pay the bills and keep the wolves from the door and 2. enhance the magic of boolies even more @booler4x4 is born in February 2017.